Improve your workout! The world's first for your perfect workout.

known from the German version of "Shark Tank"

As seen on TV & in the press

From now on, you always have your water bottle at hand.

Simply and quickly attach your bottle to any fitness equipment.

✅ Full energy: Drink directly at hand for more focus during training

✅ Increased hygiene: Clean storage of towel and mask

✅ Top quality: Developed and patented in Germany

Known from the

famous TV Show "Shark Tank" (german version)

"In the Shark Tank" (German version: "Die Höhle der Löwen")

Founders Max & Tim present an innovative world first to 3 million viewers - the GYMBUTLER® for every ambitious fitness enthusiast who takes pride in their workout.

Keep it easy - Here's how it works:

Wrap it around your bottle. Done!

Suitable for your bottle with a diameter of 6-10 cm.

Attach it anywhere.

Holds up to 2 kg on magnetic surfaces thanks to its super magnet.

Attach your keys to it.

You can flexibly attach your most important things!

More than 350,000 enthusiastic customers use and train easier with the GYMBUTLER®.