Excite members, boost marketing, increase revenue.


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No more run-of-the-mill for your members!

✔️ Improve training comfort and excite your members

✔️ Increase your brand impact with a durable advertising medium

✔️ Additional revenue through counter sales in a sales display

✔️ No more ordinary water bottles piling up at home in the cupboard – finally, a component of the starter kit that is genuinely used.

From vision to fascination. A simple idea turns into a huge success.

The two founders Max and Tim present their patented invention on "Shark Tank" (German version: "Die Höhle der Löwen") and captivate 3 million fitness enthusiasts.

Water bottles can be easily and securely attached to any fitness equipment.

The innovative approach to modern studio branding and member retention.
Let's be honest: Who actually enjoys putting their water bottle and towel on the floor, where everyone walks around with their dirty shoes?
Max and Tim

Founders & Inventors

Enhanced training comfort

Your members can easily and securely attach their water bottles directly to the fitness equipment – always within reach and convenient.

Improved hygiene

Hygienic storage for towels, keys, and more – everything is always within reach.

More order on the training floor

No more risk of confusion and water bottles lying around on the floor.

Selected customer testimonials

We have been working with GYMBUTLER since "Shark Tank" (German version: "Die Höhle der Löwen") - our members are thrilled. This way, we create real added value for our customers and set ourselves apart.
This is how easily member satisfaction can be increased. As part of the welcome package that excites and is genuinely used by our members – the days of "old water bottles" are over!
Our members were delighted to receive the GYMBUTLER as a Christmas gift. This is how we show our appreciation to our members!
We sell the GYMBUTLER directly at the counter in our studio. Our members are very pleased with it and we benefit from additional sales!

Laser engraving

Your logo on the GYMBUTLER

Optionally, we can apply your logo to the GYMBUTLER using a durable laser engraving.
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